Belly Button Rings, as the body art

The latest trend to get the body piercing and body jewelry to wear in this part. There are many parts of the body that can be pierced and wearing eye-catching jewelry in this part of the body. Fashion jewelry item often in the form of a ring that passed through the hole. Unusual body piercing has become more prevalent with the younger generation. This trend has opened new means to wear a special piece of jewelry designed to enrich the pierced part. You can show off your pout more beautiful at weaning lip ring lips.

old tradition, which is a common form of the old days is the nose and ear piercings. Both men and women had their ears pierced. This is still followed in many parts of the world, such as India, Africa, Egypt and other tribal communities. Naval piercing has become a common trend, and you will find young girls, wearing a navel ring. Another type of body piercing jewelry that has become common are tongue piercing, nipple piercing, labret Pierce, eyebrow piercing. Piercing satisfies the desire to beautify and improve the image of the person. It also helps in making an individual fashion statement that makes the kind of body art exhibitions.

Earlier in the olden natural materials were used for the production of body jewelry. The materials used for piercing jewelry were made of wood, animal bones, shells and claws. Now, as times changed metal was used to make body jewelry. Now you can find eyebrow ring, made of gold, silver, bronze, platinum, titanium, steel and acrylic sterilized course. They are combined with precious and semi-precious stones to make jewelry more attractive.

There are many designs and styles of this kind of piercing jewelry. The most common you will find this ring. Although you get danglers in a variety of colors that match the color of the dress, style and fashion statement this statement jewelry is the latest trend among young people. is an online store for all the truths of body jewelry that includes navel jewelry, belly button rings, lips, tongue ring jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, navel rings, balls, ear jewelry, eyebrow rings and nipple ring amplifier; nose stud. The accessories collection includes toe rings, belly chains, temporary tattoos.

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